October 2021

Harvest Festive Service 2021

15th October 2021

It was great to get such support from our Parents for our Harvest festival this year after it was cancelled in 2020. The families were so generous in their donations of food to allow us to raise £400 for The Kanyike Project.  For some videos of the beautiful singing please visit our Vimeo page https://vimeo.com/stchristophersprepschool….

Upper School Poetry Assembly

14th October 2021

This morning the Upper School got to perform Poems to their Parents.  It was fantastic to see all the hard work that the Children had put in which resulted in a fantastic assembly that all the Children should be proud of. Prep 3 Prep 4 – Whole Class Poem Prep 4 Prep 5 Prep 6…

Moths to a Flame

12th October 2021

On Monday 11th October the whole school took part in the Moths to a Flame workshop. Moths to a Flame is a mass participation art installation engaging thousands of people in creative activity and conversation inspired by our energy systems, relationship with nature, and the climate emergency. They are hoping to make 20,000 moths to…

Lower School Poetry Assembly

11th October 2021

It was lovely this morning to welcome Parents back into School to listen to their Children perform Poems that they have been learning this term. Nursery Poem – Crayon Colours  – Prep Reception – Art of Hard Prep 1 – Dance Prep 2 – Cut Cut Cut  

Paralympic Activities

1st October 2021

Over the past two weeks the pupils at St Christopher’s have been taking part in a Paralympic activities during their PE lessons to celebrate the recent games held in Tokyo. They had an assembly led by Mr Bellham on overcoming barriers and saw a film on the amazing achievements by people with disabilities. The activities…