Where do children attending St Christopher’s live?

Our catchment area is wide, from families who live on Dartmoor all the way to Dartmouth and everywhere in between, including Totnes, Newton Abbot and Torbay.

Are there any transport arrangements?

Yes, we have three minibus services driven by our very own teachers, which run from Ashburton, Halwell and Torbay. Routes remain flexible to cater for parents requirements.

Where do children move onto at the end of Year 6?

Pupils move onto a variety of schools; many take the 11+ to the local grammar schools; pupils take entrance exams and scholarships to Independent schools and some attend local secondary schools.

When can I visit?

We have three open days a year but parents are welcome to make arrangements for a private visit at any time during the year.

Do you prepare children for entrance to both the local Grammar Schools and Independent schools?

Yes children are prepared appropriately for both the 11+ and scholarships exams.

When can pupils join St Christopher’s?

Pupils can join St Christopher’s at any point subject to places being available.

How many pupils are there at St Christopher’s?

There are currently about 80 pupils at St Christopher’s

Do you have to be a practising Christian to attend St Christopher’s?

Families do not have to be practising Christians to attend St Christopher’s, but we ask that you respect our Christian traditions.

What are the class sizes?

Classes range on average between 10 and 16 pupils.

Are there opportunities for scholarships and bursaries?

Yes. Please refer to the relevant section on the website and contact us for further details.

Do you accept Early Years funding?

Yes, children, in receipt of the Early Years Funding (for all children from the term after they turn 3 until the term in which they turn 5) may attend Nursery for 15 hours with no charge.

Will you be accepting the additional 15 hours?

Yes, for those entitled, you will be able to claim the additional 15 hours of funding.

Can my child attend the Nursery only?

Yes, children can attend the Nursery department, without committing to the Prep School.

How long is the school day?

Registration is at 8.40am and the school day finishes at 4.25pm (Reception finish at 3.25pm).

There is supervised Prep (homework) for children in Preps 3-6 until 5pm or After School Club for Prep 2 and below, also until 5pm.

Do you offer support for children with special educational needs?

Individual Educational Plans (IEP’s) are put in place for children who require some extra support with their learning. This help is offered, where possible, within the classroom setting and through 1 to 1 intervention when needed.