Scholarships & Bursaries

Please contact the School regarding potential Scholarship and Bursary.

Guidelines for Scholarships

St Christopher’s School offers Scholarships for entry into Years 2, 3 and 4. For entry into these specific year groups, Scholarships are offered in Academic Excellence, Creative Subjects, Sport and All-Round.  Scholars are expected to take a full part in School life. Awards are kept under review during the pupil’s time at school and whilst it is extremely unusual for an award to be removed, a significant decline in commitment or performance would bring into question its continuance.  The Scholarship awards are discretionary and based on each individual’s performance and circumstances.  If your child is successful in gaining a Scholarship the offer must normally be accepted within five working days. Scholarships are tenable for the duration of a pupil’s stay at St Christopher’s.

All candidates must be registered before they make a scholarship application.  The registration fee for this purpose is £50.

The value of Scholarships ranges from 10% to 20% off the current termly fees.

All awards will take into account the following:

  1. A) Interview with the Headmistress
  2. B) Confidential report from the Head of your child’s present School – following acceptance and confirmation of a place.

Academic Scholarships – In addition to the requirements listed above, children will be expected to undertake assessments in English and Mathematics.

Creative – Music, Art and Drama are important elements of the broad curriculum at St Christopher’s. Applicants will spend some time with the Heads of the relevant department who will assess their ability in the chosen area.

Sports – St Christopher’s has an exceptional Sports Department offering a wide range of sporting opportunities including tag rugby, netball, running and swimming. Pupils applying for a Sports Scholarship will be expected to show a good level of fitness and to demonstrate potential in a series of skills-based activities. We will also be looking at their ability to play as part of a team.  Candidates will also have an interview with the Head of Games.

All-Round – A broad curriculum is at the heart of St Christopher’s Aims and Ethos. We encourage pupils with good all-round qualities to apply for our all-round scholarships. These scholarships are awarded for good all-round performance and potential in the academic assessments, and in at least one of the other areas.

Gregory Kenyon Memorial Award

This is a means tested award up to a value of 100% of school fees. It can be awarded to any applicant who, for financial reasons, may otherwise be unable to attend the school. It is awarded in memory of Gregory Kenyon, the co-founder of St Christopher’s and would be awarded on a merit basis to a child who embodies the ethos of the school and who would be able and willing to contribute wholeheartedly to the school community. An informal assessment will take place to ensure the applicant is able to access the school curriculum. Interviews with the Headmistress and Proprietor will form part of the selection process as well as a means tested financial assessment by the Bursar. A copy of the schools’ Aims and Ethos can be found on the school website.

Please contact the school for further details on all the scholarships available.