We have around 90 pupils in the Prep School taught in seven Prep classes, with each year group forming its own class.

Our youngest pupils are taught largely by their own class teacher, as this provides security and continuity in their early years, but as the pupils become older and more able to cope with change, we take full advantage of our subject specialists who deliver large parts of the curriculum.

A typical day for a Prep One pupil

8.15am – I am dropped at school and go to play in the playground until the bell rings.

8.40am – We go in to register and put away our bags. My teacher talks about the day.

8.50am – There is an assembly with the rest of the school in the Hall upstairs. We listen to a story and discuss important things. We may watch a video clip and we always sing a hymn and say the school prayer. Sometimes certificates are given out.

9.05am – My first lesson is English with Mrs Stone, my class teacher.

9.30am – We have Phonics now. We review our sounds every day, so I know them really well now.

9.40am – The next lesson is Maths with Mrs Stone. We split into small groups and everyone is doing something slightly different. It’s hard, but I work it out with a little help.

10.15am – We go out for playtime and a snack. Then I rush off to play with my friends in the playground.I might play on the pirate ship or the climbing net or ride the scooters and bikes. I always have lots of friends to play with.

10.45am – Back in for DT. We love going over to the DT room for our lesson with Mr Brewer- we learn about how to make all sorts of things and use some of the tools in the workshop.

12.00 – Time for lunch. We always have a hot meal if we would like or can bring our own packed lunch. The teachers sit with us and eat too, so we talk about the rest of the day. After we have eaten, our teacher takes us outside for another play.

1.15pm – We have French, with Miss Jones. She comes to our classroom and we play lots of games in French.

2.00pm – It’s time for Games with Mr Bellham and Mrs Cleave. We get in the minibus and go down to our Playing Fields. We play Tag Rugby and Netball and we do Cross country running. On Thursdays we go swimming.

3.45pm – We have activities now. It might be cookery, or it may be Farm Club at Mrs Cleave’s Farm, feeding the orphan lambs.

4.25pm – The school day ends. If Mummy is late from work, I stay until 5pm in After School Club- we can play with any of the toys we like!

A typical timetable for a pupil in Prep Five

8.40am – Registration

8.50am – Assembly

9.05am – English with Mr George

9.45am – Maths with Miss Harris

10.15am – ICT with Mr Bellham

10.50am – Break time

11.10am – Science with Mrs Charley

12.50 – Lunch and break

2.00pm – Art with Mrs Wallis

3.30pm – Break

3.45pm – Chamber Choir with Mrs Cottell

4.25pm – Home time

4.30pm – Prep

5.00pm – End of school and Minibuses leave