House System

Winners House Quiz 2015-16

 Every pupil at St Christopher’s from Prep Reception to Prep 6 is a member of a ‘house’. Our four houses are St George, St Andrew, St David and St Patrick. Children join a house as soon as they start school and siblings are put in the same house, wherever possible. The houses compete against each other in many inter house competitions. These include earning merits for, for example, good work, and thoughtfulness, Music, Quiz competition, and many different sporting events.  Each house has a house captain, nominated from Prep 6 who, along with the staff who are all allocated to a house, who oversees activities and puts together lists of competitors. The House Board is updated weekly with points earned through merits and the house with the most points at the end of the year wins “The Merit Cup”. Different cups are presented to the winners of each house competition. The children at St Christopher’s are very loyal to their houses and the enthusiasm and keen competitive spirit is palpable during any competition.