LAMDA is the UKs leading specialist communication and performance awarding organisation. Our successful portfolio of examinations helps develop communication, language and literacy skills for learners of all ages across the globe.  Our examinations are available in two main pathways (Communication and Performance) and follow a nine grade structure, starting at Entry Level and  running up to Grade 8.  Classes are available to all children as an extra-curricular option, timetabled into the school day.

LAMDA is taught by Samantha Groves who’s profile is below:

I have always loved drama, theatre productions and the performing arts. My involvement with LAMDA started at an early age, as a student. I completed the entire LAMDA syllabus of  examinations by the time I was sixteen and have been teaching the LAMDA syllabus since 2000. Following my PCertLAM, I qualified as a formal LAMDA teacher in 2006 and over the past twenty years I have taught a wide range of student ages and abilities, one-to-one and large groups. I am proud of the high success rates and distinction awards my students achieve. In 2017 I qualified as a LAMDA examiner and now spend some of my time travelling nationally, examining large student groups at all levels. Having now examined more than 700 students across the country, I am very well placed to develop student skills and provide key preparation guidance in readiness for LAMDA examinations.