The Leaf Man’s got to go where the wind blows

4th November 2022

We have been reading the Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. After we read the story, with great excitement, the children explored the school grounds for fallen leaves and sticks to create their own Leaf Man. As the wind blew their leaf men away, we sent a postcard to their leaf family to tell of their…

Harvest Festival

2nd November 2022

This year our wonderful harvest festival raised £430.60 for The Kanyike Project. Thank you to all the Parents and Children who donated so generously. The pictures below show what a great service it was accompanied by some fantastic singing which can be viewed on our Vimeo channel https://vimeo.com/stchristophersprepschool.

It’s Okay to be Different

12th October 2022

We have been celebrating our differences in Prep Reception by reading the wonderful book by Todd Parr, ‘It’s Okay to be Different.’ We have discussed what we look like, what we are good at and have each decided on unique ways to colour our own portrait. In Prep Reception we celebrate diversity and promote character…

Upper School Poetry Assembly

12th October 2022

This morning it was the Upper School Poetry Assembly.  The theme was “What I What to be when I grow up!”.  Some of the Children even wrote their own poems! Prep 3 Prep 4 Prep 5 Prep 6  

Prep 3 Romans!

11th October 2022

Prep 3 are learning about the Romans in History. They created fantastic shields and dressed up to get into character thanks to some super costumes brought in by Indie! Once in character, they took part in some very serious Roman army training exercises and then learnt about life in Roman Britain for different people. We…


11th October 2022

In Science this week Prep 4 took part in a fantastic electricity workshop run by Mrs Murrall-Smith. They learned about renewable and non-renewable energy and got to power some light bulbs using lemons! They also measured the current produced by a small solar panel, comparing different places around the classroom. Thank you Mrs Murrall-Smith for…

Totnes Castle – Prep 4

10th October 2022

As part of their current history topic on the Normans, Prep 4 visited Totnes Castle. The castle was built in 1067 and is a fantastic example of a motte and bailey castle, which has been later developed into a stone keep castle. Prep 4 loved climbing the motte, exploring the stone keep, finding arrow slits…

Lower School Poetry

10th October 2022

This morning our Lower School performed there Class poems.  It’s a great chance for the Children to get used to remembering lines and performing in front of their Parents.  See below the various performances this morning. Nursery Prep Reception     Prep 1 & Prep 2  

Blundell’s Tag Rugby Festival

9th October 2022

On Thursday, all of Prep 3 travelled up to Blundell’s to take part in a development tag rugby festival against a variety of schools including Blundell’s, Taunton Prep, Mount Kelly and Plymouth College. They all had an opportunity to participate and put into action the skills they have been learning and developing in their games…

Ashburton Church

6th October 2022

This morning Prep 3 and 4 visited St Andrews Church in Ashburton. The children were captivated listening to the church organ and some of the children chose to have a go. They also rang the church bell!  We also looked at the war graves in preparation for remembrance and looked at the historical significance of…