Design and Technology at St Christopher’s

Posted: 2nd November 2023

At St Christophers we encourage our children to embrace design technology and we are one of the few private schools to offer extensive classes in this.

So why is Design and Technology important in primary schools?

At St. Christopher’s, we firmly believe that inspiring the next generation to embrace technology and design from a young age is not just important; it’s essential for their future success and for shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Here’s why we take the lead in encouraging this journey of innovation and creativity:

Creative Minds Blossom: Our DT teacher, Mr. Brewer, has ignited a spark of creativity among our students with remarkable projects. From P2 and P3 students craft artistic, yet functional revolving mechanisms to P6 engineers dreaming up mind-blowing designs like rugby conversion models and ships riding ocean waves. P4 historians bring History to life through castle construction, creativity knows no bounds here.

The Importance of Design Technology: Embracing Design Technology at a young age has far-reaching benefits. It fosters essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and innovation, laying a strong foundation for future success.

Digital Literacy for All: In today’s digital landscape, digital literacy is a fundamental skill. Teaching children to use technology responsibly equips them with tools to navigate the digital world safely and effectively.

Future-Ready Minds: Many future careers will require tech skills. By introducing technology early, we open doors to countless opportunities, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the workforce.

Global Connectivity: Technology connects us with the world. Our tech-savvy students gain a global perspective, enabling them to collaborate with peers worldwide.

Promoting Diversity: We’re committed to breaking down gender stereotypes and promoting diversity in tech. Encouraging all genders to explore technology is key to closing gender gaps in STEM fields.

Adaptability: The digital landscape evolves rapidly. Early tech exposure instills adaptability and a thirst for lifelong learning.

A Supportive Community: At St. Christopher’s, we foster a supportive community of teachers, parents, and students who champion tech exploration. Together, we empower our students to be future leaders, problem solvers, and digital citizens.



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