Our Christmas Nativity Performance

Posted: 16th December 2022

After weeks of planning, practising, making and preparing, the day of our school Nativity play finally arrived. This year’s performance did not disappoint.

It took place at Pennywell and it was a wonderful performance. We’re so proud of all the children and grateful too to all the helpers. Everyone put in so much time to provide such a brilliant spectacle.

Why Christmas plays are important

Nativity plays are a tradition in schools up and down the country. They give children the chance of getting involved in the production of a play. They also perform in front of a big crowd of parents and peers – for some children that takes a lot of courage!

Plays are such a great way for children to learn a whole host of skills that can benefit them in school and life in general.

Why drama in schools is a good thing

Children develop self-confidence when the perform in stage. Performing in front of a large crowd takes a lot of confidence. Its great practice for later on when they enter the work place.

They learn great communication skills when they take part in a play, with each other and with the audience.

Performing develops their imaginations as they step into the shoes of a different character and create their own version of the person, or animal, they are playing.

Performing in plays also requires team work. The children need to work together to pull off the best performance they can, and support each other if lines are forgotten. These team building skills are great lessons in life.

The more self-confidence a child has and the better their interpersonal skills, the more they will progress through school, with many personal milestone achievements to celebrate.

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