Prep 1


Welcome to Prep 1


My name is Anna Cleave and have been with St Christopher’s for 9 years, during this time I have been in Prep Reception, but also teach swimming and KS1 Geography. I am very excited to be moving up with you into Prep 1 where lots of new adventures will be waiting for us!


Our day will be a bit different from Prep Reception, the most obvious change is that the school day is a little longer and we will be learning from a new curriculum, with new exciting subjects of Science, History and Geography.


Arrival and Departure

8.30am and 4.15pm from Upper School gate. Please make sure you stick to these times to enable others to come and go in their allocated slots and allow things to run smoothly.


Reading and Spellings

I will endeavour to hear the children read daily, please leave a message in their reading log of their progress with you. These reading logs can also be used to communicate any messages with me. Spellings will be set once a week.



Fruit will continue at first break, but can I also ask you to provide a second healthy snack for afternoon break, with the longer school day I appreciate how important it is to keep their energy levels up!



Full kits should be brought into school on Monday morning and taken home on Friday afternoon for washing.



Please provide your child with several HB pencils. Over the years I have discovered Staedtler Noris (yellow and black striped) to be by far the best.



Good enclosed pencil sharpener

Scissors and large glue stick.

Coloured pencils for work in books

Felt pens for D.T and art


I look forward to welcoming you back for another fun filled year together!

Anna Cleave

Prep 1 Form Tutor