Prep 2


Welcome to Prep 2.

I shall be Prep 2’s class teacher this academic year. I have many years of experience including the past 20 years which have been spent at St Christopher’s. As well as Prep 2 class teacher I am Head of Lower School. I also teach R.S and Drama to both Prep Reception and Prep 1 which enables me to get to know each child in Lower School really well.


Arrival and Departure

8.30 and 4.15 from Upper School gate. Please make sure you stick to these times to enable others to come and go in their allocated slots and allow things to run smoothly.


Reading and Spelling

Full details will be communicated via these books along with new timetables.



Full kits should be brought to school on Monday and taken home on Friday for washing.



Please provide your child with several hb pencils. Over the years I have discovered Staedtler Noris (yellow and black striped) to be by far the best.

2 rubbers

30cm ruler

Good enclosed pencil sharpener

Coloured pencils for work in books

Felt pens for D.T etc.


I do have high expectations of the children both in work and behaviour.  They should now be fully independent and able to practise their organisational skills to good effect.

I am looking forward to another fulfilling year with the class.  If you have any queries you can contact me either through the Reading log or via the office by email or phone.


Amanda Stone

Prep 2 Form Tutor.