Prep 4


Welcome to Prep 4!


I am really pleased to welcome you all to my class. This year you will have a classroom upstairs for the first time which is very exciting as it makes you feel part of the Upper School.  When you arrive on Tuesday you will see that you have a locker for your school bag and a peg where you should hang your coat.  All your desks are labelled so pencil cases and reading books should be put in these.

You will need:

HB pencils

Coloured pencils and a set of felt pens


30cm ruler

School will provide glue sticks and scissors

You will need to wear your sporks kit to school on a Monday and a Thursday and bring with you fleeces, tracksuit bottoms and studs in your games bag.

For some of you lessons you will have some new teachers.

English – Mr Lowden

Maths – Miss Harris

Science – Mrs Charley

History – Mrs Charley

Geography – Mr George

RS/PSHE – Mr Lowden

French – Mrs Kennington

Music – Mrs Cottell

Art – Mrs Wallis

DT – Mr Brewer

Every morning I will do your register and assembly and I will check your reading diaries to make sure that they have been signed by your parent/an adult at home.  This is the best place for an adult to write any information that I may need to be aware of.  For example if someone different is collecting you from school or if something exciting has happened at home! I will then see you again at lunchtime and in the afternoons to send you home.  This term we also have Gardening Club together on a Wednesday afternoon – please bring a pair of wellies.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Mrs Cottell