Prep 5


Prep 5 – Miss Harris

I am Miss Harris. This will be my fifth year teaching at St. Christopher’s in various roles in sport, humanities and core subjects. I am Prep 5 tutor and will teach them all their maths, RS, PSHE and the girls games.

Being a year older, more is expected of the children in year 5 but it is a simple transition moving to the next door classroom with mostly the same teachers and similar routines. Curriculum wise most subjects are the same with the same teachers as it was in prep 4. The main changes will be the introduction of Latin taught by Mrs Cottell and their English will now be taught by Mr George.

What is expected from the children in prep 5?

  • Take responsibility for their learning
  • Complete homework (30 mins) and reading every night
  • Record reading and get diaries signed every night
  • Learn weekly spellings and times tables ready for tests
  • Take responsibility in school for their classroom and belongings
  • Look after their peers and younger children and set an example to younger children in the school.

Please may I ask you as parents/guardians to sign prep diaries every night so I know your child has read and you have seen the diary. Please do communicate with me through your child’s prep diary and expect any small messages from me in there along with their record of homework. If there is a message that is more urgent or you do not want your message written down for your child to see then please email/ring the school office to set up a meeting with me or to pass on a message.

Prep 5 documents and information will be on the parent area on the school website. Here the calendar and announcements will be kept up to date so please do refer to this. In the prep 5 area you can see the prep 5 timetable, notes on emotional logic (a new activity they will have) and the calculation policy linked to the maths curriculum.

I look forward to having your child in my class soon!

Miss Harris