Prize Giving – July 2020

Posted: 9th July 2020

Usually we would all be able to celebrate the end of term together and enjoy reflecting on the success of the past year at St. Christopher’s.

We started the Autumn term with a phone call from ISI saying that they would be in to carry out an Education Quality and Compliance Inspection.  The Inspection Team were scrupulous in their interviews, lesson observations and review of policies as we expected. At the beginning of an academic year, providing them with evidence of all we achieve was a huge challenge, but one which staff and children rose to, with great professionalism from the staff and supreme enthusiasm and confidence from the children. However the outcome was I feel truly deserved of both pupils’ achievements and the effort put in by all in the St. Christopher’s community, and I thank all those involved for that.  It is also worth stressing that we are only one of 5 Independent schools in Devon to be rated Excellent in both areas, and it is rare for such a small school to achieve this.

The year continued with success in swimming with children qualifying for the ISA National swimming finals at the Olympic Pool in November, and qualifiers for the ISA National Cross-country which was unfortunately cancelled.  We look forward to next year.  November saw our visit from Fr Kakuba and Sister Joan from the Kanyike project in Uganda.  They introduced us to Fr Kakuba’s niece Victoria who is now taking over the management of the project. The children and Friends Of St. Christopher’s put on a phenomenal concert and tea which, along with the sponsored swim raised £3017.50 for the Kanyike project.  Our Christmas celebrations with the Nativity followed, and the Winter Fair, again organised by FOSC, was a fantastic success.

This then brings me on to our enforced closure in March.  I am immensely proud of the provision we provided, and that we have been able to open for all age groups so that the children can be together.  Watching the children over the past few weeks, has strengthened my belief that children need each other to truly experience learning. They need each other not only for socialisation, but to discuss ideas with, share experiences, and to learn to negotiate and share. The same can be said of the staff!  Our job is so much easier when we are able to support each other and I want to thank them for their amazing effort and support, especially this term.

I do feel that we must remember what we usually manage to fit into our time.  So much learning takes place in the classroom, however there is so much more to all we do at St. Christopher’s and it is important to be reminded of this when we are unable to take part in the community events that we all cherish.

Despite not being able to hold our usual prize giving in Staverton Church with all our supportive friends and family present, we have had a presentation of prizes for all Preps today.  Below are a few videos and pictures of the Prize Giving 2020 which was carried out in the individual class bubbles.

Alexandra Cottell – Head

Distribution of Prizes

Prep Reception
Headmistress’ Prize – Georgia Cates

Academic Prize – Sebastian Cottell

Prep 1
Headmistress’ Prize – Chantree Code

Academic Prize – Barnaby Hocking

Prep 2
Headmistress’ Prize – Florrie Wills
Academic Prize – Thea Butler

Prep 3
Headmistress’ Prize – George Tucker

Academic Prize – Burt Rogers

Prep 4
Headmistress’ Prize – Lottie Phillips

Academic Prize – Thea Young

Prep 5
Headmistress’ Prize – Lowenna Trevena

Academic Prize – Izee Burke Mundy

Prep 6
Sarah Barrett Award to Senior School (Churston Grammar School)
and the English and Mathematics Prize.

Joss Burden Award to Senior School (Blundell’s School)
Sports Prize

Charlie Buzzo Modern Foreign Languages Prize

Sam Fearon Award to Senior School (Churston Grammar School)
and the Science Prize.

Tula Nashed Award to Senior School (The Maynard School)
And the Humanities and Music Prize

Henry Simons Design and Technology Prize


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