March 2021

Light Circuits

24th March 2021

Today Prep 2 have been experimenting with equipment to enable them to make circuits to light up bulbs, make buzzers and work a fan.  They successfully worked out how to do all of these things.  Great fun was had by everyone! A lovely Science lesson to end the term.

End of term treat!

23rd March 2021

Nursery and Prep Reception had an end of term treat. We went out and explored our Woodland area, made a wood medallion, searched for wood, learnt how to light a fire and even got the chance to roast marshmallows…….delicious!

Outdoor Learning

17th March 2021

The teachers have been taking advantage of the beautiful South Devon weather today and teaching some of their lessons outside.  Prep Reception are exploring nature to learn about Maths, Prep 1 have been outdoors for their ICT lesson learning about algorithms and Prep 3 have had an outdoor music lesson.

Prep Reception Maths

17th March 2021

This week we have been investigating the weight of different objects in our Maths lessons. Today we went on a journey around the school to find things that were ‘heavy’ or ‘light.’ The boys were very excited to find out that a big leaf was heavier than a stick! The investigating continues………..

Welcome Back

12th March 2021

Well what a great first week back in School after lockdown.  The children have all enjoyed seeing their friends and getting back to normal teaching!  Also great to see all the kids enjoying themselves and spending the last lessons of the week outside enjoying the sun.

World Book Day 2021

4th March 2021

Today the Children who have been in School got the chance to dress as their favourite book Character.  What a fantastic array of outfits!