April 2021

Captain Tom 100 challenges for Maths

30th April 2021

In Prep 4 we made a class display of Roman Numerals up to 100.  In Prep 5 and 6 the children had a maths challenge where they had to see how many ways they could make 100 using exactly four 5’s.  They could use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squared numbers and square roots to get…

Prep 4 & 5 #CaptainTom100 Challenge

30th April 2021

The 100 challenge has been continuing across the school this week with lots of the pupils taking up the challenge with some completing several. Our first success was Freddie in Prep 4 who completed 100 keepy ups with a tennis racket and ball during his PE lesson within the first hour of announcing this event….

#CaptainTom 100 Challenge

29th April 2021

This week in their break times Prep 3 and 4 have been taking part in the #CaptainTom100 challenge.  This has included bouncing a basket ball 100 times, keeping a Tennis ball in the air and various other fun activities. Prep 1 have done 100 seconds of Hula Hooping. Prep Reception and Nursery celebrated Captain Sir…

Measuring & Pouring

23rd April 2021

This morning our Nursery children have been enjoying the nice weather to put into practice what they have been learning about measuring and pouring in our fantastic purpose built outside learning space.

Captain Tom 100 Challenge

23rd April 2021

Prep 3 and 4 started our Whole School #CaptainTom100 challenge, by sprinting for 100 seconds.  More challenges to follow from all of the Children next week……

Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh

21st April 2021

Prep 2 were delighted to receive a response from Buckingham Palace after each of them writing to his Royal Highness, Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh after his stay in hospital. Very sadly not long after receiving our letters he sadly passed away. We were all sad to hear this news.