I would like to warmly welcome you to St. Christopher’s.  We are a family-run school in rural Devon, where our pupils, parents and staff work alongside each other to ensure a creative and fulfilling start in life.   Our children are the heart of our school community and our Christian ethos promotes an atmosphere of trust, kindness and care which is essential for them to truly flourish. We are proudly non-selective creating an inclusive and nurturing environment.

As parents, choosing a school for our children is one of the most meaningful decisions we will make.  The environment in which they are educated and the values which are promoted there, will influence future life decisions.

One of the strengths of which we are most proud is our subject specialist teaching.  From a young age our children benefit from being engaged by staff who are experts and enthusiasts in their field, thus creating enquiring minds in the children they teach. Where there is a wealth of opportunity across the curriculum we truly believe that all children can discover an area in which to shine.

I welcome you to come and visit us and meet our confident and happy children.

Alexandra Cottell


“This is our school. May all here live happily together and our school be full of joy. May love dwell among us every day; love of one another, love of all people everywhere, love of life itself and love of God”

“Thank you all for the excellent job you all do in making St Christopher’s a warm, welcoming School.  I wish I had known about you before.”

St Christopher’s School has given me a positive future and has educated me in a way which has taken me further than I could imagine.  I am now in Secondary school am I’m ahead in Geography, English, History, French, RS and ICT.  I’m always on top of my homework because of the introduction to homework at St Christopher’s! Thank You!

Peter Pan

St. Christopher's Staverton

St. Christopher's School
Mount Barton, Staverton
Totnes TQ9 6PF