Children’s Mental Health Week

Posted: 4th February 2021

Today Prep 5 & 6 have enjoyed a PSHE lessons based on Children’s mental health week.  In the ‘draw your feelings’ activity the children drew the outline of a body and then decorated it with pictures, patterns and words to show how they were feeling.  For the ‘Squiggle game’ the children drew random lines and then used their imagination to turn it into something, for example an animal.

In Prep 2 the Children have discussed the many ways we can express ourselves.  They then drew pictures of the ways we like to express ourselves as individuals.

Prep 3 have also been busy and have thought about how they can express their feelings and thoughts through wearing their own clothes. For our PSHE lesson on Tuesday, we all dressed in clothes that show who we are, how we feel and what our interests are.  We went on to look at how self-expression can relieve stress and free our minds, particularly at this difficult time. We discussed how we can bake, read, colour or do exercise!

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