Great start to new term with a thrilling netball match

Posted: 11th January 2024

Netball at St Christopher's

We had a fantastic start to the term with a thrilling U11 Girls Netball match against Trinity at St. Christopher’s! 

 A huge thank you to Trinity for their hospitality.  

Netball is a key part of our curriculum and there are lots of reasons why.

Netball shapes well-rounded individuals, fostering social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

All the children contribute, and this promotes an inclusive environment regardless of skill level.

Netball encourages a healthy, active lifestyle from a young age.

Like all sports, it promotes  teamwork, discipline, leadership, and resilience.

It builds strong bonds within our school community.

It teaches time management, strategic thinking, and effective communication.

So all in all, netball is more than a sport; it’s great for so many life skills.

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