Horrible Histories – Prep 5

Posted: 28th September 2018

On Thursday Prep 5 took a trip to see Horrible Histories at the Northcott Theatre.  This is what two of our pupils thought…..

I found out what life was like for the people who were sick, I found out that Queen Elizabeth I  killed Mary her sister. There were amazing special effects like lights shining, there was a smoke machine and for the second part of the show everything was in 3D, there was a screen at the back of the stage. My favourite part of the show was they blew up the dungeon! 

A Parnell


We went to the Northcott Theatre to see Horrible Histories. There were lots of other schools there too. In the interval we got given 3D glasses, with the glasses it looked like things were about to hit you! There were lots of silly songs, one went like this, divorced, beheaded, died! divorced, beheaded, survived! There were actions too on divorced you touched your hand, on beheaded you pretended to cut your head off, on died you crossed your hands over your chest to look like you are in a coffin and on survived you did thumbs up. They sang the Will I Am song but all about William Shakespeare plays. They showed the horrible medicines that they used. One was a giant bug that escaped and the 3D glasses made it look like it was about to crawl all over you and hit you in the face. My favourite bit was the 3D glasses because they made it really funny. 

S Barrett

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