Occombe Farm – Prep 1 & 2

Posted: 8th October 2018

Prep 1 and 2 visit to Occombe Farm. In school we have been learning about food groups and eating healthily. Today we found out how much fun making healthy food can be. We made focaccia and added rosemary and tomatoes that we picked in the garden. You can see some vigorous kneading!

We got our jogging bottoms on and we got in the bus and went to Occombe Farm. We just arrive, now we are going to have our fruit. Then we went in and made Focaccia bread. First we put the flour then we looked in the recipe and saw the word salt and yeast and put it in. Then oil and water . Next we went out and picked rosemary and put it in the mixture and cooked it for 20 minutes. I think it was brilliant !

T Butler Prep 1

We went to Occombe Farm.We made focaccia bread. The ingredients were yeast, flour, salt and water and olive oil. We mixed the ingredients into dough. We picked tomotoes and herbs for the focaccia. We picked apples and threw them for the pigs. My focaccia had 2 tomatoes.

C Grogan Prep 2

We went into the kitchen and looked at the ingredients. Then we weighed the flour and put the yeast and salt in the bowl and to make the yeast come alive we put water in. Then we kneaded the dough and put it in the warm cupboard. Then we went outside and picked rosemary and tomatoes. We got some apples and  threw them into the pig pen. Then we went inside and made littles holes in the bread. Then we put the tomatoes and rosemary and cougette and pasted some olive oil on the focaccia and put it in the oven.

E Middleton Prep 2

First we measured the ingredients. The dough was sticky. We kneaded the dough. We picked tomatoes and courgettes and rosemary. The bread was rising in the warm cupboard and we threw apples to the pigs.

S Winsor Prep 2

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