Torquay Museum – Prep 2

Posted: 22nd November 2018

The children in Prep 2 have been studying Ancient Egypt this term. We visited Torquay Museum to see Egyptian artefacts in real life and to hear the story of Psamtek, the young boy whose mummified body and sarcophagus are on on display. The children also made clay scarab beetles, built a pyramid, wrote hieroglyphics and dressed up as Egyptians. It is a glorious, glamouous and gorey period in history, no wonder ‘Horrible Histories’ had such fun with it.

We saw Psamtek, he was mumified and he died in between 2 and 5 and he was in a special case. When Psamtec died, first they took out the brain. Then they took the lungs and the intestines and the liver and the heart and they put them in canopic jars and they wrapped Psamtek up in bandages. – Clementine

There was a mummy at the museum. Psamtek died between 2 and 5 and he lived 2000 years ago. They took out his heart and his lungs and his intestines too and they took out his brains. He has got shabtis to be his servants and there is a spell to make the shabtis come alive. They weigh the brain and a feather. If the heart is heavier than a feather he will get eaten by a god and not go to the afterlife. – Florence


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