Totnes Renewable Energy Society’s REEL programme empowers pupils to explore renewable energy technologies and take action

Posted: 4th July 2023

Last month, St Christopher’s School enthusiastically participated in the Totnes Renewable Energy Society’s (TRESOC) REEL program – thank you so much to Mrs Murrall-Smith for giving up her time. This remarkable initiative fosters a deep understanding of renewable energy technologies, their local significance, and their impact on broader energy issues.

St Christopher’s has been a steadfast supporter of the REEL program since its inception six years ago. With a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM), the program has been delivered free of charge to 12 schools, benefiting over 300 children.

During the program, year 6 pupils embarked on a captivating field trip, visiting three local renewable energy technologies. They also engaged in a workshop day, delving into the intricate details of these technologies. Crucially, the program encouraged student-led critical thinking regarding our global energy needs.

REEL aims to bring relevance to the abstract concept of energy generation by enabling students to witness the hydro, solar, and wind schemes generating electricity right on their doorstep in Devon. Through practical experiments and creative thinking, students are empowered to make a difference. The programme also brings in experts to enrich the school environment.

The programme serves as a beacon of hope amidst disempowering messages about climate change. It demonstrates that tangible actions can be taken to address environmental challenges.

To catch a glimpse of the program’s impact, you can watch a compelling 4-minute film documenting the pilot with St Christopher’s School in 2017:

For more information about Totnes Renewable Energy Society and the REEL program, visit

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